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Summer 2019 Basketball leagues for Southern Marin and Northern Marin

*Register now before June 7!
Go to Registration Tab to sign up
*Grades:  Kindergarten-1st-2nd-3rd-4th-5th-6th-7th-8th
*Gender:  Boys and Girls
*Can they play on team with friends:  Yes, and I encourage it as well
*Ok to go on vacation and miss games as there is no score.    Play for the fun of the game.
*Games:  1 per week, Saturdays:   June 22,29    July 7,13,20,27   
*Game venue: Southern Marin (Tamalpais High)   -   Northern Marin (Hamilton Gym at Nave)
*How do I get friends on my team:  There is a friend request on the registration.  Just list your friends.
Questions, contact Kerry Huffman
*** Please let your friends know.  We are all word of mouth.   Teams do fill up.


Olympian Jennifer Azzi with Dirt Bowlers

PCA Development Zone Resource Center

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3 on 3 Championship

Dirt Bowl in Action - Highlight Reel

Thanks to Vern Glenn, CBS Sports Reporter, Emmy Award Winner and amazing person! This is Dirt Bowl at it's best!

The First Dirt Bowl Jump Ball

Kenyon Jordan and Joe Lang

Dirt Bowl Core Values

Provide a rich and exciting athletic experience for boys and girls  

Good for kids, good for parents and good for the planet

Always give back to the community

Positive Coaching Principles 

Teach - Learn - Lead


Kerry Huffman

Dirt Bowl

Phone: 415-999-2624